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PokerStars' latest innovation - The Deal Quickfire Game

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The latest innovation by PokerStars to draw more recreational players to the site is called The Deal. This feature is not entirely new, as Full Tilt implemented it back in 2015.

Considering it was very popular with FTP players, Amaya Gaming are hoping it receives a similar response this time around as well.

For a buy-in of either 7 or 70 StarsCoins, players can participate in quick-fire mini poker game. They will be dealt seven cards out of which two need to be discarded in order to form a five-card poker hand.

Players can avail cash payouts based on the rank of their hand. For instance, straight flush hands offers them a chance to enter a spin the wheel progressive jackpot round, with prizes starting from $25,000.

The Deal places less emphasis on skill and more on gambling elements, which appeals to both - gamblers as well as recreational players.

“This introduction of The Deal to PokerStars is great news. PokerStars players get the chance to play an exciting game, and Full Tilt players benefit from the additional liquidity that the PokerStars clients bring to the table. It’s sure to mean that the progressive jackpot builds up at an even faster rate and is triggered more frequently," Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations said.

While this appears as an excellent move on paper. One has to wait and check out how exactly it benefits PokerStars.

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