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William Hill Releases Poker Coach software

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Now, thats something new! William Hill just released a Poker Coach software!

No wonder all online poker pros are companing about it. With this software, which you can use at William Hill poker tables, you can get the best chances of winning without thinking for yourself.

Therefor, it helps you with calculating odds, when to fold etc. With this tool there will be no difference between new/expert level (that is if you do as the software is suggesting).

'The William Hill Poker Coach is an amazing tool that helps you improve your game. While you play at the poker table, the William Hill Poker Coach will calculate odds and provide comments and insights about your hand. Now with a beautiful and easy-to-use Head-Up Display (HUD), the William Hill Poker coach will help you profile your opponents and adjust your playing style to exploit their weaknesses and deal with their strengths.'

The poker software it is easy to install, within 3 steps. 

William Hill Poker Coach Features:

Once installed, use the William Hill Poker Coach to enhance your game. It will appear to the right of the poker client and is divided into three sections:

  • Game Commentary Section
  • Hand Info section
  • Outs section.

Here is what you need to know about this great poker tool:

Game Commentary Section

  • The Game Commentary section gives you advice on how you should play a hand and provides useful information as the game progresses, pointing out which elements you should take into consideration at a particular time. This advice is based on such factors as your cards, the community cards, the number of players, your win odds etc. 
  • The Hand Strength Indicator shows the strength of your starting hand preflop. It consists of a 5-colour bar, ranging from red (it might be better not to play the hand) to green (you might want to get involved in the hand). After the flop is dealt, the indicator will also display your chances of winning the hand if it goes to showdown.
  • The Game Stage Indicator shows the stage - preflop, flop, turn, river - of the hand you are playing. 
  • The Position Indicator displays your position in relation to the other players playing the hand.
  • The Opponents in Hand Indicator shows the active opponents in the hand out of the number of opponents that started in the same hand. 

Note: When playing tournaments, the William Hill Poker Coach will also feature an M-Zone Indicator to the left of the Game Stage Indicator. "M" represents the ratio of the blinds (and antes, where applicable) to your current chip stack.

Hand info section

The Hand Info section gives you real time information about your cards: 

  • Hole cards: the cards you are dealt preflop. 
  • Best 5 cards: once the flop is dealt, the best 5-card combination will be displayed. 

The Hands Info section will also show your hand's description.

Outs and Pot Odds section

The term "Outs" describes any card that has not been dealt and, if drawn, will improve your hand to one that has good chances of winning. "Dangerous outs" are not-yet-dealt cards that will improve your hand, but are likely to improve another player's hand even more - these are displayed as faded cards and are not included in your number of outs on the top of the box. 

The Outs section displays your outs and shows your chance by percentage of getting an out on the turn and on the river.

The Pot Odds indicator at the top of the section shows your pot odds.

HUD (Head-Up Display)

Studying your opponent's playing style and getting to know their moves are elements of paramount importance at the poker table. For this reason, we have added a Head-Up Display (HUD) tool to the William Hill Poker Coach. The HUD will give you a clear picture of what kind of player you are up against by analysing your hand history with that opponent. Most online pros use HUD tools to study other players' playing style and make informed decisions - now you will be able to do the same.

How does it work?

Once you install the William Hill Poker Coach on your computer, the HUD will appear automatically when you are dealt a hand. Once you start playing, a box will appear next to each player, showing relevant stats and info gathered from their hand history with you.

Each of these boxes, the HUD monitors, can be dragged and repositioned to another location on the screen. The William Hill Poker Coach will save the exact positions where the monitors have been moved for the next time you open a table.

Player HUD Monitors

When you sit at a poker table, each player will have a HUD monitor next to their name. The HUD starts providing stats once an opponent has played one hand against you. Opponent stats will have a red or green background which indicates how you should treat the opponent on the basis of that stat's value:

  • Red background means danger. This stat for this opponent is in a range that is optimal for them, making them dangerous to you.
  • Green background means opportunity. This stat for this opponent is in a range that signals a weakness - you have an edge on them which you should exploit.

Once you play ten hands against the same player, they will be profiled and associated with a profile icon and a description. The profile is a player persona, which summarizes this opponent's playing style and gives you a good idea about their strengths and weaknesses.

You also have a HUD monitor of your own. It has the same information as your opponents' HUD monitors, without the coloured backgrounds. The statistics and profile shown in your own monitor only relate to the table you are currently playing at, as opposed to opponent stats, which are based on their history in the entire poker session.

HUD Player Default Stats

  • VP: it shows a player's VPIP% - the percentage of times a player puts money in the pot, pre-flop.
  • PF: it displays a player's Pre-flop Raise rate (PFR%) - the percentage of times a player raises pre-flop.
  • AF: Aggression Factor - it shows how aggressive a player is after the flop.
  • #: it indicates theber of hands you have played against a particular opponent in thecurrent poker session.

If you hover your mouse over any HUD monitor, you will see a pop-up window showing the player's ful statistics. The window gives you a description of that player's playing style and why the stats are relevant to you.

Source: William Hill.

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