Sunday, 13 December 2015 13:36 Nevada Player Investigated For Illegal HUD

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In a development that could have widespread repercussions for online gaming in US, Nevada Gaming Commission is currently probing the illegal use of a HUD (Heads-Up Display) by a player while playing on

As per rules that govern Nevada’s regulated iPoker sites, use of such is banned. Violation of this state law can be prosecuted under category B felony, carrying a potential fine of up to $10,000, or between one and six years in prison.

The incident in question occurred when Tommy Chen (‘Tcblade’) was live streaming action at on Twitch. Playing under the screen “BTCBLADE” at the time, fellow pro Randy Dorfman spotted Chen's HUD.

Dorfman then sought an explanation from WSOP, as he took to Twitter to question the company's Head of Online Poker Bill Rini.

Randy Dorfman “@billrini @Kevmath point is players r accessing 3rd party software. If u can’t police HUDS then u hv to make them LEGAL until u can detect it.”

Bill Rini “@RandyDorfman @Kevmath The NV GCB made them illegal. We can’t just make them legal because 1 guy was caught using one… Randy, we decided to warn. Again, you’re free to disagree.”

Nevada gambling statute NRS 465.075 also applies to land-based casinos as well as online gaming.

Citing violation of terms of service, WSOP suspended the Twitch account of BTCBLADE and referred the incident to the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC). Since November 22, Chen hasn't use his account.

This incident highlights how a trust deficit has led to a decline in number of recreational players at online poker sites.

“The image of a grinder using data analysis to make his decisions is not the experience we want to sell. We want to sell entertainment, and a recreational experience.. HUDs don’t provide that,” says Global Poker Index CEO Alexandre Dreyfus.

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