PokerStars' parent company Amaya Gaming has stated that it expects to generate a record revenue for the 12 months through to December 31, 2016.

The company expects its revenues to be in the range of $1.15 billion (€1.08 billion) and $1.16 billion, compared to the $1.07 billion posted in 2016.

Adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) are expected to be in the range of $521 million and $526 million, an improvement over the 2016 total of $459 million.

In addition, adjusted net earnings should fall between $364 million and $374 million, up from $291 million in 2015.

Rafi Ashkenazi, chief executive of Amaya, commented:

“We anticipate that 2016 will be a record year of revenues for Amaya; we also saw better than expected fourth quarter results from our casino offering, operational excellence program and a successful re-launch in Portugal, all while continuing to take an efficient and measured approach to marketing our product offerings.

“We built positive momentum in 2016 that accelerated throughout the year and which we believe was largely the result of the positive impact of our strategy to improve the poker ecosystem for recreational players and leverage our global competitive advantage in online poker to acquire new customers, cross-sell existing and new customers into our online casino and sportsbook offerings, and maximise the lifetime value of all of our customers.

“We expect to continue this momentum and execute on our strategy in 2017 despite anticipated further headwinds, including continued declines in the value of our customers’ local currencies against the US dollar, which has been significant over the past two years, and the previously announced potential cessation of our real-money online poker offering in Australia.

“We anticipate that certain operational initiatives, including the introduction of a new cross-vertical customer loyalty program, the potential expansion into new markets, our continued focus on achieving product parity in our online casino and sportsbook, and our operational excellence program, will help to both drive our business forward and mitigate these and future headwinds.”

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Online poker giant Partypoker has expanded its service offering from online and mobile gaming after the company announced a new live event series for 2017.

The ‘PartyPoker Live’ tour for 2017 will be headlined by the ‘PartyPoker Million’, with every even multi-million dollar prize pools.

The series will also comprise ‘PartyPoker Million Nationals’, where players will vie for guaranteed prize pools over $500,000 (€474,000).

The inaugural series will kick off with the Playground Poker Club in Canada this May.

Tom Waters, group head of PartyPoker, commented:

“With the 2017 PartyPoker Live events schedule, there will be something for everyone.

 “Online qualifiers start from $0.01 on PartyPoker, giving players the opportunity to travel all over the world to take part in some amazing events.”

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Bryn Kenney emerged victorious at the PokerStars Championship Bahamas (PCB) $50K High Roller for $969,075, taking his career earnings to $13,153,881.

Speaking about his big win, the WSOP bracelet holder said:

“I was in ninth position with seven big blinds but I got my rush. Sometimes you just have to wait it out and fortunately good cards came. The right people busted, I got fortunate spots and was able to win it!”

The $50K High Roller, hosted by the Atlantis Resort and Casino in the Bahamas, drew 49 entries and 20 rebuys to create a prize pool worth $3,313,035.

Nine players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations it was left for Kenney and Mustapha Kanit

As the duo went into the heads-up round, Kenney held a 2 to 1 chip lead over Kanit. After a tough duel, the final hand of the match was played when Kenney moved (A-J) all-in preflop. Kanit (9-9) made the call and the dealer laid out a Q-J-2-7-3 board. That was it then and Kanit had to be happy with a second place finish for $695,740, while Bryn Kenney bagged the title. 

“It was a close heads-up match. First I had a nice lead and then he took the lead. Then I showed him a bluff where he could’ve closed the game if he would’ve called there on the river. Fortunately, he didn’t,” Kenney further added.

Final Table Results:

1: Bryn Kenney $969,075
2: Mustapha Kanit $695,740
3: Byron Kaverman $452,220
4: Daniel Colman $341,240
5: Stephen Chidwick $265,040
6: Benjamin Tollerene $205,400
7: Sergi Reixach $162,340
8: Daniel Dvoress $125,900
9: Cary Katz $96,080

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Jason Koon won the inaugural PokerStars Championship Bahamas $100,000 Super High Roller, beating 54 players to take home $1,650,300 first place prize.

In doing so, Koon registered his biggest ever score since 2008. Post this win, Koon took his career earnings to $8,143,080.

Speaking about his latest win, Koon said:

“I think it’s really important to keep my eye on the rail, stay grounded and realize that I’m having a mini-Fedor moment and that’s awesome. But at the same time, there’s a bunch of guys that are more talented than I am so I need to work hard and stay on top of it.”

Seven players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations it was left for Koon and Charles Carrel to fight it out for the title. The duo played out an exciting battle before Koon emerged victorious. The final hand of the game was played when both players checked a K-Q-2-8 board all the way through to the river, which was a J. Carrel’s bet was responded to by Koon by moving all-in. Carrel (k-7) made the call and Koon (Q-8) had enough to clinch the contest.

Final Table Results: 

1: Jason Koon $1,650,300

2: Charles Carrel $1,191,900

3: Daniel Colman $759,660

4: Daniel Dvoress $576,300

5: Byron Kaverman $445,320

6: Connor Drinan $340,540

7: Bryn Kenney $275,060

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Back in November 2016, Dan Smith announced that he was aiming to raise $350,000 for noble causes that were close to his heart. Basically, Smith would match any total donations up to $175,000. However, in just two months, the poker pro has already raised a cool $1.7 million.

Interestingly, just 134 participants raised this big amount. Also, thanks to some generous donors, an additional $125,000 was contributed to the drive after it reached $175,000.  The extra funds were handed to three charities -, Against Malaria and Give Directly.

Big sums were also contributed by DFS pros Martin and Tom Crowley, helping Dan Smith’s second annual charity drive raise close to $1.7 million. 

Commenting on the same, Smith stated:

“The limited details I know of their story are amazing: two guys who plan on making a huge difference in the world by doing the thing they are the best at: fantasy sports. I can’t say enough great things about these two guys who really epitomize the effective altruism movement.”

This year’s hugely successful charity drive follows last year’s effort which witnessed a donation $140,000 for Smith’s favorite cases. He also put half that amount himself.

It is indeed wonderful to see such good work done by poker players. Giving back to the community is extremely essential and more players need to take up such endeavors.

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The best month of the year is here and the festive cheer is already in the air.

This is not just the time to have fun with friends and family but indulge in some of the most exciting things life has on offer.

Playing online poker during this wonderful time of the year can be extremely lucrative since operators tend to put out extremely generous offerings.

888Poker is no different and this time they have come up with an incredible set of bonus offers that will make you happy.

888Poker is hosting All-in Gifts Tournaments between 15/11/2016 and 01/01/2017, and you could bag yourself an iPhone 7, PlayStation 4, GoPro Camera and much more.

Entering the fray to win these superb prizes is extremely easy. Just register to the tournament and you’ll automatically be all-in the moment it starts, without taking any action.

$6,000 in cash is up for grabs every day in 888Poker’s 3 x daily $2,000 Lucky Star tournaments. That’s not all.

You can also get your hands on Parrot Bebop Drone, Galaxy Tab & huge cash prizes. To keep a tab on all the exciting offerings, you need to check your email on Saturdays.

However, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Missions are available to depositors only who have played in the All-in Gift Tournament at least once.

Players can win up to 3 tickets per day, one ticket per mission


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Leon Tsoukernik emerged victorious at the EPT €50k Super High Roller, beating 49 players to take home €741,100 ($782,453).

The event in Prague was hugely successful and offered €2,352,735 as prize pool with seven players being paid.

Leon was extremely confident right through and even indulged in some banter ahead of the final table shootout.

“I’m the only pro, the rest is semi-pro at best," he said.

Seven players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations; it was left for Leon to fight it out with Charlie Carrel for the title.

Tsoukernik held a three-to-one chip advantage over UK pro Charlie Carrel at the start of the heads-up.

The final hand of the game was played when Carrel (K-J) went all-in pre-flop. He was called by Tsoukernik (A-K). But there was no help from the board for Carrel, who had to then settle for a runner-up finish worth €535,250.

Final Table Results:

1: Leon Tsoukernik (Cz) €741,100

2: Charlie Carrel (UK) €535,250

3: Juha Helppi (Fin) €341,150

4: Viacheslav Buldygin (Rus) €258,800

5: Paul Newey (UK) €200,000

6: Julian Thomas (Ger) €152,915

7: Anthony Zinno (US) €123,520


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Protecting your online poker bankroll

The art of money management in the game of poker is termed as bankroll management. Learning how to manage your online poker cash is extremely essential and important. Ideally, one needs to build a poker bankroll over a period of time and invest it wisely. This isn’t easy and requires tremendous discipline. Here are some of the ways you can get better at bankroll management.

Select your strategy

This will depend on what kind of online poker you are or want to be. Are you happy playing poker occasionally for recreation or do you want to grow as a poker player and build your winnings? If you want to play poker for fun, then you don’t need a big bankroll. Just make sure you keep some cash to play, that’s about it. Don’t utilize your savings or invest if you are facing a cash crunch. If you are serious about the game, then you need to be more judicious with your money and build your bankroll one step at a time.

Keeping records

Now this may sound boring, but it is important to keep a track of your money. Use a book or an excel sheet to enter details of every session you play. This should include the buy-in, winnings and type of game. Basically this is a log of your daily performance. You can also add the metrics like hours played, type of opponents, your mood and the time of play. Keep doing this for a month or two and you will have a nice little pattern of your play and performances. Draw your inference from this date and you’ll have a fair understanding of what works and decent. Remember, the ultimate objective is to keep a track of the money trail.

Moving up the ladder

All poker players reach that stage where they believe it’s time to step up and play at higher stakes. This might seem like the next logical step in your online poker journey, but you need to be careful in making this transition.Bankroll management becomes crucial when you want to move up the limits. In case you have made sizable profits at the lower stakes and you have spare cash to invest, you can have a go at the big tournaments. If it doesn’t work out, you can still grind at the micro tables. Also, if losing cash at the new higher level leaves you disturbed and affects your finance, do not switch. Stay where you are. Play in your comfort zone for a little longer. There is no hurry. The important part is building your bankroll and not losing it in order to play with the big boys.

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Hakim Zoufri emerged victorious at the 2016 Master Classics of Poker main event, beating 356 players for €275,608 ($294,661). The €4,250 buy-in event, which was held at the Holland Casino Amsterdam, had a prize pool of €1,409,760 up for grabs.

After four days of intense poker action, nine players made it to the final table. Post a series of eliminations, it was left for Hakim Zoufri and Fabio Sperling to fight it out for the title.

The heads-up duel between the two lasted for 30 minutes. The final hand of the game was played when Sperling (A-Q) raised preflop. Zoufri (7-7) re-raised and Sperling moved all-in. The 3-6-K-9-4 board sealed the deal in favour of Zoufri, while the German Sperling had to settle for a second place finish for $197,597.

The Dutchman joined the likes of Ole Schemion, Ram Vaswani, Noah Boeken, and Robert Mizrachi in the list of players to have captured the MCOP crown.

Final Table Results:

1: Hakim Zoufri (Neth) $294,661
2: Fabio Sperling (Ger) $197,597
3: Ivan Arbatsky (Kaz) $137,006
4: Juha Helppi (Fin) $98,421
5: Stefan Fabian (Rom) $73,250
6: Samuli Sipila (Fin) $56,219
7: Michiel Brosky (Neth) $44,312
8: Rashed Zade (Neth) $35,721
9: Charlie Carrel (UK) $29,240

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Noah Boeken emerged victorious at the 2016 Master Classics of Poker €10,250 High Roller to win €217,069 ($229,812) for his first-place finish. The event, held at the Holland Casino in Amsterdam, offered a prize pool of €732,604 thanks to 73 participants.

Boeken's win helped him take his lifetime earnings tally to $2,019,263 and reach 9th on the Netherlands ‘All Time Money List’.

After a series of eliminations, six players made it to the final table. In the heads-up round, it was left for Noah to take on English pro Charlie Carrel.

There was an intense duel between them towards the end. The final hand of the game was played when Carrel (4,4) moved all in pre-flop. Noah (A,A) made the call.

The dealer laid out a Q-6-3-8-Q board, to consign Charlie to a respectable second place finish for €144,615, while Noah walked home with the big prize and bragging rights.

Top 10 Finishes: 

1: Noah Boeken €217,069
2: Charlie Carrel €144,615
3: Kees van Brugge €98,901
4: Jans Arends €69,524
5: Luuk Gieles €50,330
6: Enzo Del Piero €37,656
7: Rashed Zade €29,087
8: Stefan Wolzak €23,297
9: Rob Buky €23,297
10: Wim Emo €19,414

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