Poker legend Mike Sexton earned himself a slice of personal history after we won a WPT title that had eluded him until now.

The Poker Hall of Famer won the World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event for C$425,980 (US$317,817).

The C$3,850 buy-in tournament, hosted by Kahnawake's Playground Poker Club, had 648 participants and a prize pool of C$ 2,199,960 (US$1,641,357) up for grabs. Sexton showed his class, playing solid poker for six days to take home the prestigious title.

Six players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, Sexton was left to grapple with Benny Chen for the coveted trophy. The veteran poker pro brought all his class into play in the heads-up round. The final hand of the game was played when Sexton (Q-Q) and Chen (K-J) went all-in preflop. A Q-9-4-A-2 board meant Benny had to settle for a respectable second place finish for $286,110.

Mike Sexton on the other hand ticked another box of his illustrious poker career.

Final Table Results (C$): 

1st: Mike Sexton $425,980
2nd: Benny Chen $286,110
3rd: Nadir Lalji $183,320
4th: Ilan Boujenah $132,750
5th: Ema Zajmovic $102,010
6th: Jake Schwartz $81,740

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All good things come to an end, is a line gambling and showbiz industries are all too familiar with. The latest big news to emerge out from this sphere is the split between singer Mariah Carey and Australian casino mogul James Packer.

This after the pair got engaged on 21st January 2016 in a rather lavish manner. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Packer is one of Australia’s richest men with an estimated fortune of around $4 billion.

However, things have now turned ugly between the two, as the American pop diva has asked for a $50 million settlement from her the Aussie.

Mariah’a lawyer argue that Packer made several financial promises to her client and compelled her to move from New York to Los Angeles.

The exact reasons for their splitsville aren’t known yet but there are several reports in the American media.

“Our sources say what may have been the deal breaker for Packer came when she had some sort of rendezvous with one of the dancers in her Vegas show … something that is on video for the reality show. We’re told James hated the reality show from the get-go and it became a major source of conflict,” read an article on TMZ.

This saga between the ex-couple is far from finished. It remains to be seen how the two will go on to settle this matter.

Either way, will keep you posted on what happens next.

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When it comes to fun and games, nothing can beat the Halloween weekend. Though the Halloween traditions are rooted in American culture, the rest of the world has now well and truly appropriated that legacy.

Few things can be more fun and enjoyable than wearing something you'd never dare to in public and making merry with your closest pals and members of your family.

Interestingly, there are those that don't enjoy the madness of Halloween, yet want to taste a slice of this action. Well, if you belong to this category, then we have just the perfect scene for you.

Just relax, sit back and be a part of Halloween weekend from the comfort of your home. What can be more fun that raking in the moolah during this fun time?

If you are a part of PKR Poker, you stand a chance to win some cool Halloween giveaways. If you aren’t, don’t stress. Read what’s at stake and take the plunge.

Four Card Fright Fest at PKR Poker will run up to Sunday, November 6. Play 5 or more Fright Fest tournaments, and get a €10 satellite ticket for the €5,000 GTD Finale on Sunday 6 November.

PKR Poker’s Four Card Fright Fest is sure to give you chills! Play terrifying Omaha tournaments with guaranteed prize pools every day during the promotional period, and bring your most gruesome game for the Final on Sunday 6 November!

It must be noted that this is a Pot Limit Omaha tournament series, with 20 events in 10 days with a total of €15,000 guaranteed. The buy-ins for the same, range from €1.10 to €55.

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Panzica carved out a memorable win at the 2016 WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble, after he outplayed a strong field of 379 players to walk home with $354,335.

Thanks to this win, Sam's live career earnings tally reached $1,833,379. Interestingly, a majority - $1,126,534 - of it has come in 2016 itself.

The $5,000 main event had a prize pool of $1,762,350 up for grabs. The list of notable players that walked away with a return on their investment included Byron Kaverman in 19th ($16,380), Marvin Rettenmaier in 18th ($19,689), and Maxx Coleman in 14th ($24,040).

Nine players made it to the final table. But after a series of eliminations, Sam and Richard Malone Jr were left to fight it out for the big prize.

Going into the heads-up duel, the latter held a 2:1 chip advantage over the former. However Panzica played some solid poker to not just level things up but to also edge ahead.

140th hand was the final one and it arrived when Panzica moved all-in preflop with K-9. Malone (A-3) made the call. The board ran 8-7-5-9-K to condemn Malone to a second place finish for  $237,616.

Final Table Results:

1: Samuel Panzica $354,335

2: Richard Malone, Jr. $237,616

3: Ankush Mandavia $152,766

4: Tyler Patterson $100,643

5: Noah Schwartz $77,499

6: Paul Balzano $64,183

7: Timothy Miles $53,785

8: Kory Kilpatrick $43,827

9: Jake Schwartz $33,933

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In a sensational display, Brady Hinnegan took down the 2016 World Cup of Cards (WCC) main event for C$110,000 (US$83,530).

The event, hosted at the Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Canada, witnessed three days of action thanks a strong field of 359 players.

The C$1,650 buy-in Main Event, with a prize pool of C$522,345, had several notable poker players return home with a return on their investment. These included Marco Caza in 29th ($3,200), Kyle Janisse in 25th ($3,500), Rodney Ramalho in 22nd ($4,000), and Carter Swidler in 15th ($6,600).

Ten players made it to the final table, and after a series of eliminations, it was left for Brady to fight it out with Tomas Larivee Magni for the title.

Hinnegan came into the heads-up round with a 3:2 chip advantage over Magni. The final duel went as per script for the former and final had been played when Magni (Q-5) raised all-in on a K-Q-9-6-5 board.

Having hit a straight, Hinnegan (J-10) made the call to condemn Magi to a second place finish for C$78,000 (us$59,230).

Hinnegan finished the night with the biggest score of his career so far.

Final Table Results (C$):

1: Brady Hinnegan $110,000

2: Tomas Larivee Magni $78,000

3: Elie A $58,000

4: Laurence Louie $44,500

5: Karim-Olivier Kamal $34,500

6: Man Sze Chow $26,500

7: Philippe Belley $20,000

8: Kevin Rivest $14,495

9: Tyler Wilson $10,500

10: Ian Tang $8,100

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Second half of the Global Poker League is set to commence on September 20, Alex Dreyfus’s event entered into a break on July 8 after first half of season 1.

Considering the lukewarm response to league, the French entrepreneur has made some changes to the format in order to make it more engaging.

All the latest updates and information about the GPL will now be available on iOS and Android devices.

GPL commentator Griffin Benger has been replaced by a “rotating cast of poker experts,” which included Jonathan Little.

This time, the GPL Playoffs and Finals will be held in Las Vegas, instead of at TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego.

Here’s how the teams stand at the moment:

Americas Conference Table

1: Montreal Nationals – 145 points

2: LA Sunset – 134 points

3: Sao Paulo Mets – 112 points

4: New York Rounders – 108 points

5: San Francisco Rush – 105 points

6: Las Vegas Moneymaker – 95 points

Eurasia Conference Table

1: Moscow Wolverines – 122 points

2: London Royals – 109 points

3: Hong Kong Stars – 106 points

4: Paris Aviators – 104 points

5: Rome Emperors – 96 points

6: Berlin Bears – 92 points

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Matt Marafioti disappearing act during the 2016 WSOP led to his friends and family filing a missing person's report. People close to him felt he was suffering from problems related to mental health.

On August 1 however, Canadian poker pro resurfaced, claiming he was camped for 45 days and enjoyed his “summer in peace and quiet”.

Poker pro Randy Dorfman was actually the first person to sound alarm over Matt's absence at the request of the latter's family.

On his return however, Matt has dissociated himself from Randy, terming him a “very seedy, one-sided community,” and furthermore stated that Dorfman was no friend of his, going so far as to call him “an ex Wall Street, Miami swinger club owning, SCUMBAG mobster who happens to be Jewish so please stop HARASSING me/publicly lying.”

In response to the attack, Randy hit back stating that Matt “suffers severe mental illness’ and is ‘DESPERATELY’ in need of help."

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Marafioti is indeed undergoing mental health problems. However on January 16, 2016, he released a video on YouTube titled “Matt Marafioti Is Being Framed By The Illuminati, Italian, And Jewish Mobs Because Of Drake". This raised several eyebrows in the poker community about the player and his temperament.

Marafioti has now released another video, debunking the myth around his alleged mental health problems.

“To be honest, I find the poker community to be a very seeded, one-sided community. So with that being said, I chose to remove myself from the situation in order to grant myself the peace and happiness I deserve, which I live in every single day. So I’m just moving on with my life in a completely positive and happy manner.”

Marafioti has $2,771,146 in live tournaments earnings and an additional $2,984,909 from playing online under the screen name ‘Adzizzy’.

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In an interesting turn of events,’s cash game average rose above that of online poker giant PokerStars in New Jersey.

The obvious reason behind this result was due to’s to interlink promotions from the ongoing WSOP event in Las Vegas. offered players 100% deposit bonus of $1,000, helping boost the traffic to the website.

Ring games are responsible for generating 70% of an online poker portal’s revenue.

Amaya-owned PokerStars beat competition on this front after just one week of its launch in the state. Apart from this week and a brief period in May, PokerStars has maintained its supremacy in the market.

While this period has traditionally witnessed a dip in traffic, NJ’s traffic in June posted only a 7% year-on-year growth.

It is also true that the state’s online poker industry has shown improvement on key parameters as compared to 2015.

However, one expected PokerStars’ entry into the market would have transformational change.


So far though, that effect has been missing and the company’s closest rivals are not bowing out without a big fight.



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Regular cash game players will often find themselves involved in multi-way pots. The key here is to have a clear distinction between hands that will help you win and the ones that will leave you in a soup.

In such situations, there is a strong probability of two or more players connecting with the flop, mostly on a board with possibilities of straight or flush draw.

If you keep this in mind, then you best chance to win a multi-way pot is to hold a better than one would require against just a single opponent.

When there are online one or two opponents, even a top pair can be enough to seal the deal. When there are four players in the fray, the eventual winner needs to hold a hand lot better than a two pair.

Note that you shouldn’t get too excited with hands like a top pair or top kicker or for that matter even KK’s. The single most important factor you need to watch closely is the texture of the board. For instance, you might be holding pocket AA’s on a 7h, 8h and 9d board. Let’s assume there are four players, with some of them due to act after you.

Also readOnline poker strategy - What is value betting?

In this situation, you must seriously considering opting out of the hand. Hands like AA or KK are lethal in heads-up action. But when it comes to a multi-way pot, at least one player will have you crushed at the flop in such a situation.

If pockets rockets don’t cut it, what’s the best hand to beat competition in such scenarios? Interestingly, medium and even small pairs can get the job done, especially when you flop a set. Also, when you flop a set on a board with a high card, there is every chance at least one other player will get himself/herself involved and hand you a decent pot.

Hands like AQ, AK and KQ too can be extremely handy in multi-way pots. This is simply because they offer the possibility of hitting a big straight or a nut flush. You need to remember this especially if you have flopped a top pair etc., since your opponents with one of those hands could outdo you.

For instance, many experts believe that AK is a problematic hand when you’ve flopped top pair. It can burn a hole in your pocket if not played with care especially since it appears a lot stronger than it actually is.

Finally, you need to pay attention when a player on the table is willing to shell out a lot of cash. Even if you have flopped top par in multi-way pot, always been open to the possibility that he/she might have you beat.

Ultimately, it all boils down to how well you know your opponents or have clearly you have figured their respective gameplay. Presence of mind and astute decision making is often the differentiator between a good play and a great play.

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Shaun Deeb emerged victorious at Event #49: $1,500 Seven Card Stud of the WSOP 2016. He beat a field of 331 players to take home a cool $111,101.

Last year, the 30-year-old won his first ever bracelet with the $10k Pot Limit Hold’em event win. After his latest triumph, Deeb now boasts of $2,288,091 in live earnings. That's not all. He has $6,358,922 in online winnings as well. 

Speaking about his victory, Deeb said:

“There’s a lot of run good in stud.. I had all the big hands and all the 3-way pots and I ran one big bluff and it got through and with the time it just had value so it was really easy to play. I didn’t really have to outplay anyone. Anyone would’ve won with my cards in that tournament.”

The event was played over three days with a prize pool worth $446,850. Fifty spots were paid and some of the notable players who walked home with a return on their investment included Robert Mizrachi in 46th ($2,257), James Obst in 28th ($2,717) and Vladimir Schemelev in 17th ($3,108).

Eight players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, it was left between Deeb and Adam Friedman to fight it out for the title. 

Despite Friedman's chip lead at the start of the heads-up battle, Deeb pulled off a phenomenal win.

“I was just happy to have some chips going into Day Three and it obviously was a super tough final table with a lot of great players who have been playing for over a decade,” he further added

Final Table Results: 

1: Shaun Deeb $111,101
2: Adam Friedman $68,666
3: Max Pescatori $46,312
4: Katherine Fleck $31,899
5: Eugene Katchalov $22,448
6: Yaniv Birman $16,147
7: John Monnette $11,878
8: Cory Zeidman $8,941

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