Wai Yong emerged victorious at the 2016 Triton Super High Roller Series Main Event to take home the first prize for $2,097,622.

44 players participated in the HK$500,000 (US$63,400) buy-in tournament, which had a prize pool of US$6,285,640 on offer.

Some of the big names that were part of this high-profile event included Tom Dwan, Dan Cates, Fedor Holz, Mustapha Kanit, and Erik Seidel. 

Nine players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, it was left between Yong and Bryn Kenney to fight it out for the main prize.

Going into the heads-up round, Yong held a 2-1 chip lead over his last opponent.

This duel didn't last long and the final hand of the game wa splayed when Bryn Kenney went all-in preflop holding K-9. Yong, with K-10, made the call. With no help from the community cards, Bryn had to settle for a second place finish for $1,401,694.

Final Table Results: 

1: Wai Kin Yong $2,080,557
2: Bryn Kenney $1,401,694
3: Sergio Aido $848,557
4: John Juanda $584,560
5: Winfred Yu $402,275
6: Peter Chan $301,712
7: Wai Chan $245,145
8: David Peters $213,709
9: Arnaud Romain $207,430

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Jakub Michalak emerged victorious at the €10,200 EPT Malta Single Re-entry High Roller, beating 64 players to walk away with a cool €178,133 ($193,789). The event, hosted at the Casino at Portomaso, offered a prize pool of €814,800.

Thanks to this win, Michalak’s live career earnings increased to $1,280,460. Interestingly, this was his second biggest career win.

Some of the big names, who participated in the event included Max Silver and Steve O’Dwyer.

Nine players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, it was left for Jakub and Rocco Palumbo to fight it out for the coveted prize.

The heads-up battle was wrapped up rather quickly after Michalak's K9 was too good for Palumbo's pocket twos.

Final Table Results:

1: Jakub Michalak Poland €178,133
2: Rocco Palumbo Italy €138,763
3: Charlie Carrel UK €170,754
4: Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey €80,250
5: Scott Seiver USA €63,550
6: Behzad Ahadpour Iran €49,700
7: Pratyush Buddiga USA €39,100
8: Adrian Mateos Spain €30,550
9: Morten Mortensen Denmark €23,200

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David Yan emerged victorious at the EPT Malta €25,750 High Roller, beating a strong field of 46 players to walk home with €465,800.

Commenting on the win, the New Zealand poker pro said:

“I’m pretty happy with it. It’s tough to explain, but it feels pretty nice. It’s pretty cool.”

The event, held at the Portomaso Casino, had two noted players in Adrian Mateos (9th), and Davidi Kitai (7th) just missing out on the final table.

Six players however made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, Yan and Ramin Hajiyev were left to fight it out for the coveted title.

The heads up battle didn't last too long as Hajiyev was brushed aside by Yan in no time.

Ramin (9h-6d) moved all-in on a Jh-10d-5h-7d-Qh board. Yan (Qc-10c) made the call to seal the deal. Hajiyev took home a cool €334,400, while Yan was crowned 2016 EPT Malta High Roller champion.

This win helped Yan take his live career earnings to over $3 million.

Final Table Results:

1: David Yan (NZ) €465,800
2: Ramin Hajiyev (AZ) €334,400
3: Oleksii Khoroshenin (UKR) €217,400
4: Max Silver (UK) €164,030
5: Mikita Badziakouski (BY) €127,400
6: Ole Schemion (GER) €98,740
7: Davidi Kitai (BEL) €78,050
8: Patrick Leonard (UK) €60,500
9: Adrian Mateos (SPN) €46,180

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Panzica carved out a memorable win at the 2016 WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble, after he outplayed a strong field of 379 players to walk home with $354,335.

Thanks to this win, Sam's live career earnings tally reached $1,833,379. Interestingly, a majority - $1,126,534 - of it has come in 2016 itself.

The $5,000 main event had a prize pool of $1,762,350 up for grabs. The list of notable players that walked away with a return on their investment included Byron Kaverman in 19th ($16,380), Marvin Rettenmaier in 18th ($19,689), and Maxx Coleman in 14th ($24,040).

Nine players made it to the final table. But after a series of eliminations, Sam and Richard Malone Jr were left to fight it out for the big prize.

Going into the heads-up duel, the latter held a 2:1 chip advantage over the former. However Panzica played some solid poker to not just level things up but to also edge ahead.

140th hand was the final one and it arrived when Panzica moved all-in preflop with K-9. Malone (A-3) made the call. The board ran 8-7-5-9-K to condemn Malone to a second place finish for  $237,616.

Final Table Results:

1: Samuel Panzica $354,335

2: Richard Malone, Jr. $237,616

3: Ankush Mandavia $152,766

4: Tyler Patterson $100,643

5: Noah Schwartz $77,499

6: Paul Balzano $64,183

7: Timothy Miles $53,785

8: Kory Kilpatrick $43,827

9: Jake Schwartz $33,933

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Jackie Glazier is the latest high-profile name to join partypoker as a brand ambassador. The Australian pro signed a two-year deal with the poker brand to join the likes of Mike Sexton, Tony Dunst, Patrick Leonard, Natalia Breviglieri, Roberto Romanello and boxer Carl Froch.

During her very illustrious career, Glazier has amassed $1,323,493 playing live tournaments, with $458,996 as her biggest payday. In 2014, she was signed up by 888Poker after a string of big results. Her sponsorship with 888Poker ended this year and without much delay, partypoker secured her services.

Commenting on the latest development, Glazier said:

“I am confident that together our passion will help us to expand the game of poker in my country. I am looking forward to announcing some games and promotions over the next few weeks that will offer great value to the Australian poker community.”

Jackie will feature on the partypoker tables under the “JACKSTARPARTY” screenname. She will participate in some of the biggest poker tournaments across the globe.

Soon after the deal with the Aussie was signed, Group Head of partypoker Tom Waters said:

“It is a pleasure to have Jackie join the partypoker team as an ambassador and we are delighted to have such a prestigious player representing us in the Australian market. We are looking to invest in grassroots poker in Australia and Jackie is the perfect person to assist us in achieving these goals.”

Glazier is one of the best female poker players in the world. This is a smart move by partypoker and it will help the company in appealing to a bigger audience going forward.

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Rachid Rami took down the World Poker Tour National Marrakech main event, beating 396 players for a MAD 950,000 (US$97,586) first place prize.

The event, hosted by the Casino De Marrakech in Morocco, witnessed three days of solid poker that ended in a win for the local favorite.

Thanks to this win, Rami pushed his live career earnings to $573,843. Reacting to his triumph, Rami said, “The money stays in Morocco!”

Nine players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, Rami and Mohammed Lahlou were left to fight it out for the title.

The final hand of the heads-up battle was played after Rami (6-2) check-raised on a 3-2-2 flop. Lahlou moved all-in holding pocket jacks. The 6 and A on turn and river were enough to seal his fate. Lahlou walked home with $66,769 for a runner-up finish.

Final Table Results (US$):

1: Rachid Rami (Mor) $97,586

2: Mohammed Lahlou (Mor) $66,769

3: Arthur Conan (Fra) $46,224

4: Dimitri Sukhorukov (Fra) $33,179

5: Alexandre Riccomi (Fra) $25,475

6: Alexandre De Zutter (Fra) $20,339

7: Joao Pinto Correia (Por) $16,230

8: Mathieu Maroccini (Fra) $13,148

9: Jean-Claude Guiot (Fra) $10,580

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Jesse Sylvia emerged victorious at the 2016 WPT Borgata main event in Atlantic City to take home a cool $821,811 in prize money.

The event attracted a strong field of 1,179 led to the creation of a $3,773,979 prize pool.

Thanks to this win, Sylvia took his career earnings to $6,820,468. To make things more special, this was his first win at a major tournament.

Some of the notable names to have earned a return on their investment in the $3,500 WPT Borgata main event was Blair Hinkle in 47th ($10,945), Eli Elezra in 38th ($12,832), Alan Engel in 31st ($14,719), Matt Waxman in 11th ($45,099), and John Racener in 9th ($69,253).

After six days of intense poker action, five players made it to the final table. After a series of eliminations, Sylvia and Zach Gruneberg were left to fight it out for the coveted title.

The 80th hand of the heads-up was the last after moved all-in preflop holding Jh-4h. Gruneberg (As-2c) made the call and had to settle for a second place finish when the board ran Jc-9c-8c-Qs-Kd.

Final Table Results:

1: Jesse Sylvia $821,811

2: Zach Gruneberg $490,617

3: Taha Maruf $300,031

4: Simon Lam $250,970

5: Chris Limo $207,569

6: Farid Jattin $167,942

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Jeremy Dresch emerged victorious at the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Columbus, beating a field of 344 players for $83,045 first place prize.

With a $332,180 prize pool at stake, Dresch played solid poker on both days to register the biggest score of his career.

Commenting on his latest win, the 42 year-old said:

“Long time coming. I never look beyond the weekend; I’ll decide what to play on Wednesdays. I didn’t even know this tournament was going on, I had no idea. My buddy told me earlier in the week, so I played it.”

Dresch was on 18th place on Day 2 with just 59 players remaining. 36 players walked home with a return on their investment. These included Jason Seitz in 34th ($2,093), Peixin Liu in 28th ($2,093), Joe Matheson in 18th ($3,322), Mike Schneider in 15th ($4,651), and Blake Bohn in 13th ($4,651).

10 players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, only Dresch and Victor Peppe remained to fight it out for the coveted title.

The final hand of the heads-up duel was played when Dresch (5-5) beat Peppe (J-6) to seal the title.

Top 10 Finishes:

1st: Jeremy Dresch $83,045

2nd: Victor Peppe $49,827

3rd: Jim Boone $32,321

4th: Brian Friesen $22,588

5th: Bradley Demotts $16,941

6th: Richard Alsup $13,287

7th: Reginald Powell $11,294

8th: Kraig Komrosky $9,301

9th: Andy BeBerg $7,974

10th: Chris Korent $6,311

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In a sensational display, Brady Hinnegan took down the 2016 World Cup of Cards (WCC) main event for C$110,000 (US$83,530).

The event, hosted at the Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Canada, witnessed three days of action thanks a strong field of 359 players.

The C$1,650 buy-in Main Event, with a prize pool of C$522,345, had several notable poker players return home with a return on their investment. These included Marco Caza in 29th ($3,200), Kyle Janisse in 25th ($3,500), Rodney Ramalho in 22nd ($4,000), and Carter Swidler in 15th ($6,600).

Ten players made it to the final table, and after a series of eliminations, it was left for Brady to fight it out with Tomas Larivee Magni for the title.

Hinnegan came into the heads-up round with a 3:2 chip advantage over Magni. The final duel went as per script for the former and final had been played when Magni (Q-5) raised all-in on a K-Q-9-6-5 board.

Having hit a straight, Hinnegan (J-10) made the call to condemn Magi to a second place finish for C$78,000 (us$59,230).

Hinnegan finished the night with the biggest score of his career so far.

Final Table Results (C$):

1: Brady Hinnegan $110,000

2: Tomas Larivee Magni $78,000

3: Elie A $58,000

4: Laurence Louie $44,500

5: Karim-Olivier Kamal $34,500

6: Man Sze Chow $26,500

7: Philippe Belley $20,000

8: Kevin Rivest $14,495

9: Tyler Wilson $10,500

10: Ian Tang $8,100

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Second half of the Global Poker League is set to commence on September 20, Alex Dreyfus’s event entered into a break on July 8 after first half of season 1.

Considering the lukewarm response to league, the French entrepreneur has made some changes to the format in order to make it more engaging.

All the latest updates and information about the GPL will now be available on iOS and Android devices.

GPL commentator Griffin Benger has been replaced by a “rotating cast of poker experts,” which included Jonathan Little.

This time, the GPL Playoffs and Finals will be held in Las Vegas, instead of at TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego.

Here’s how the teams stand at the moment:

Americas Conference Table

1: Montreal Nationals – 145 points

2: LA Sunset – 134 points

3: Sao Paulo Mets – 112 points

4: New York Rounders – 108 points

5: San Francisco Rush – 105 points

6: Las Vegas Moneymaker – 95 points

Eurasia Conference Table

1: Moscow Wolverines – 122 points

2: London Royals – 109 points

3: Hong Kong Stars – 106 points

4: Paris Aviators – 104 points

5: Rome Emperors – 96 points

6: Berlin Bears – 92 points

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