Said El-Yousfi took down the 2016 WSOPC Global Casino Championship, after beating a strong field of 126 players for a cool $343,256. After three days of pulsating action, Moroccan-born Frenchman earned a slice of history by becoming only the second non-American player to capture a WSOP Circuit event. This memorable win helped Said to push his live earnings to $443,271.

Commenting on his latest triumph, El-Yousfi said:

“I feel wonderful. It’s fantastic. It’s like the cherry on the cake.. I like to make jokes and have fun. When we got to 15 or 16 players, I was already happy. I played this tournament like I played a tournament with 200 friends.”

Some of the notable players that walked away with a slice of the $1,260,000 prize pool included Jonathan Turners in 18th ($16,280), Nipun Java in 16th ($16,280), Justin Zaki in 13th ($19,259), and Jesse Martin in 12th ($23,262).

Six players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations, it was left between Said an Yasin Ahmady to fight it out for the title. The heads-up duel lasted 34 hands and the final hand was played when El-Yousfi (A-8) moved all-in on a J-9-7 flop. Ahmady (K-Q) called, but did not get any assistance on the turn (7) and river (9). The latter had to settle for a second place finish for $212,150.

Final Table Results:

1: Said El-Yousfi $343,256
2: Yasin Ahmady $212,150
3: Joshua Turner $150,851
4: Joe Kuether $109,192
5: Sean Small $80,483
6: Cody Pack $60,427
7: Alexander Rocha $46,231
8: Brian Green $36,054
9: Blake Whittington $28,673

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Matt Marafioti disappearing act during the 2016 WSOP led to his friends and family filing a missing person's report. People close to him felt he was suffering from problems related to mental health.

On August 1 however, Canadian poker pro resurfaced, claiming he was camped for 45 days and enjoyed his “summer in peace and quiet”.

Poker pro Randy Dorfman was actually the first person to sound alarm over Matt's absence at the request of the latter's family.

On his return however, Matt has dissociated himself from Randy, terming him a “very seedy, one-sided community,” and furthermore stated that Dorfman was no friend of his, going so far as to call him “an ex Wall Street, Miami swinger club owning, SCUMBAG mobster who happens to be Jewish so please stop HARASSING me/publicly lying.”

In response to the attack, Randy hit back stating that Matt “suffers severe mental illness’ and is ‘DESPERATELY’ in need of help."

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Marafioti is indeed undergoing mental health problems. However on January 16, 2016, he released a video on YouTube titled “Matt Marafioti Is Being Framed By The Illuminati, Italian, And Jewish Mobs Because Of Drake". This raised several eyebrows in the poker community about the player and his temperament.

Marafioti has now released another video, debunking the myth around his alleged mental health problems.

“To be honest, I find the poker community to be a very seeded, one-sided community. So with that being said, I chose to remove myself from the situation in order to grant myself the peace and happiness I deserve, which I live in every single day. So I’m just moving on with my life in a completely positive and happy manner.”

Marafioti has $2,771,146 in live tournaments earnings and an additional $2,984,909 from playing online under the screen name ‘Adzizzy’.

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Democrats and Republicans recently held their national conventions to formally announce their respective presidential candidates.

The election campaign has been a polarized affair so far, mostly due to the rhetoric of Donald Trump. Several celebrities have hit out the billionaire businessman for his stand on immigration and Muslims.

Poker legend Daniel Negreanu too has previously spoken out against Trump. The Canadian became a US citizen earlier in the year and is now eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

Negreanu praised Michelle Obama after her speech at the DNC in Philadelphia, writing “AMAZING WOMAN AND ROLE MODEL FOR OUR KIDS!!!!” 

He also stated that Hillary Clinton’s was a “well delivered speech full of ideas, plans, and solutions.”

He attacked Trump, terming him an “awful human being” and a “thin skinned” sociopath who was “dangerous to America”. 

Trump supporter came after Negreanu after his comments about the Republican candidate.

Interestingly, some poker players like Mike Matusow, Matt Glantz, and Doyle Brunson are backing Trump.

Negreanu had a clear message to those that disagreed with him on social micro-blogging site Twitter. Unfollow me, he wrote to them.

Responding to Negreanu, poker legend Brinson, said: “I almost pulled the [unfollow] trigger but decided it would be stupid because we disagree over politics. America will decide.”

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James “Flushy” Dempsey emerged victorious at the Grand Prix Poker Tour Brighton Main Event for a first place prize of $40,000. In doing so, he beat a strong field of 2,100 at the Amex stadium to take his live earnings to $2,062,726. Flushy also boasts of $1,075,976 in online winnings.

224 players made it to Day 2 of the $109 buy-in tournament, ensuring at least $330 for their efforts. Nine players made it to the final table after a four-hour long battle.

After a series of eliminations, it was left between Dempsey and Tom Simm to fight it out for the title. The former held a 24m to 17.6m chip advantage over the latter.

The final hand of the contest was played when Dempsey (10d-9d) and Simm (8d-7d) went all-in on a Q-J-2 flop with two diamonds. With no help from the turn and river, Simm had to settle for a second place finish for $24,000.

Final Table Results: 

1: James Dempsey $40,000
2: Tom Simm $24,000
3: Seth Webber $16,000
4: James Alsop $12,260
5: Ken Priestnall $9,000
6: Peter Burgon $7,000
7: Paul Nugent $5,500
8: Jamie Robinson $4,000
9: Jaraslaw Szwarc $3,000

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In an interesting turn of events,’s cash game average rose above that of online poker giant PokerStars in New Jersey.

The obvious reason behind this result was due to’s to interlink promotions from the ongoing WSOP event in Las Vegas. offered players 100% deposit bonus of $1,000, helping boost the traffic to the website.

Ring games are responsible for generating 70% of an online poker portal’s revenue.

Amaya-owned PokerStars beat competition on this front after just one week of its launch in the state. Apart from this week and a brief period in May, PokerStars has maintained its supremacy in the market.

While this period has traditionally witnessed a dip in traffic, NJ’s traffic in June posted only a 7% year-on-year growth.

It is also true that the state’s online poker industry has shown improvement on key parameters as compared to 2015.

However, one expected PokerStars’ entry into the market would have transformational change.


So far though, that effect has been missing and the company’s closest rivals are not bowing out without a big fight.



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In a rather interesting development in the world of iGaming, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) revealed that revenue generated for June a was little lower as compared to May.

This despite an increase in the number from the same period last year. A total of $16.4 million (€14.7 million) was collected last month in the state.

There is a 40.6% year-on-year increase but a dip as compared to the $16.5 million generated in May this year. The highest was in the month of April when $17 million was accumulated.

$213.9 million was the total gaming win for June, a decrease from $216.5 million in last year. In May 2016, that number was $221.1 million.


The year-to-year online gaming win was $94.8 million, an increase of 31.7% from 2015. The total gaming win for the first six months of 2016  is up 2.5%.

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Finland's Jens Kyllonen won his first bracelet after he emerged victorious in Event #62: $25k Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller for a massive payday of $1,127,035.

This win helped take his career earnings to a whopping $2,766,652.

Commenting on his historic win, Jens said:

“I can’t remember when I had this kind of rush. It has to be back in 2011 when I won a million in one day. That’s a similar feeling that I can remember, but other than that, this is the biggest one.”

“It’s kind of been a dream. For some Finnish players it has been more of a dream, but I certainly appreciate the bracelet a lot. I’m going to remember it forever,” he further added.

Out of 184 players, some notable ones that walked home with a slice of the $4,370,000 prize pool included Isaac Baron in 28th ($37,062), Taylor Paur in 23rd ($42,435), Yevgeniy Timoshenko in 18th ($42,435), Paul Volpe in 15th ($49,050), Michael Mizrachi in 12th ($70,256), and Robert Mizrachi in 9th ($86,969).

Six players made it to the final table with Jens and US pro Tommy Le slugging it out in the heads-up round. There was no surprise in store as Jens outclassed the American for the bracelet and cash with a solid show.

After Jani Vilmunen (2009) and Ville Wahlbeck (2009), Kyllonen is now only the third player from Finland to win a WSOP bracelet. He is now fourth on his country's all time money list, behind Patrik Antonius ($6,788,792), Juha Helppi ($6,267,941), and Jani Sointula ($2,829,829).

Final Table Results: 


1: Jens Kyllonen $1,127,035
2: Tommy Le $696,558
3: Dan Smith $487,361
4: Ryan D’Angelo $347,641
5: Veselin Karakitukov $252,909
6: Dmitry Savelyev $187,724
7: Ludovic Geilich $142,227
8: Sean Winter $110,035

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Michael Gathy took down vent #35: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Handed of the 2016 WSOP for $560,843.

The Belgian poker pro outclassed a field of 541 players over three days to clinch the coveted gold bracelet.

This is Gathy's third WSOP bracelet. His first arrived in 2012 at the $1,000 NLHE event for $440,829, and the second in 2013 at the $1,000 NLHE Turbo for $278,613.

Thanks to his latest win, Gathy now has $1,950,684 in live career earnings. Interestingly, $1,463,269 out of that has been via wins at WSOP tournaments.

Some of the notable players that walked away with a slice of the $2,542,700 prize pool were Joe Hachem in 44th ($9,523), Jake Cody in 34th ($12,705) and Jonathan Little in 13th ($23,722).

Nine players made it to the final table and after a series of eliminations it was left between Gathy and Frenchman Adrien Allain to fight it out for the title.

The heads-up round went as per script for Gathy as he outplayed Allain who earned a cool $346,632 for his second place performance.

Gathy is now at third position on Belgium’s ‘All Time Money List’ with $1,950,684 in winnings, with David Kitai ($6,983,150), and Pierre Neuville ($3,775,555) ahead of him. Interestingly, all of Belgium's WSOP bracelet have been delivered by Kitai (3) and Gathy (3).

Final Table Results:

1: Michael Gathy $560,843
2: Adrien Allain $346,632
3: Manuel Núñez $229,990
4: Blake Eastman $155,762
5: Scott Margereson $107,723
6: Thi Nguyen $76,112
7: Thomas Boivin $54,966
8: Alexander Lynskey $54,966
9: Jason Koon $40,592

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Jason Mercier won his second bracelet of the 2016 WSOP and fifth overall as he took down the $10k HORSE championship.

The Florida poker pro has been in scintillating form this term, already winning $868,549 in prize money. 

The 29-year-old has cashed in at four events - two wins and a runner-up finish - to make this one of the most memorable performances in WSOP history.

With more than half of the 69-event schedule still to be played, one wonders where the American is headed.

In just five days of play, Mercier has won the 2-7 Lowball Championship, $10k HORSE championship and finished second in $10k Razz Championship. Thanks to his red-hot form, Mercier has now taken his career earning to a whopping $17,291,112.

That's not all. He is now the third youngest in history to win 5 WSOP bracelets. Only Phil Ivey (29 years, 4 months), and Phil Hellmuth (28 years, 9 months) are ahead of him.

Apart from his winnings at the table, Mercier is also making a killing off it thanks to his bracelet prop bets. Several players will now have to kiss goodbye to their hard-earned cash after having wagered against Mercier winning two bracelets at the 2016 WSOP.

“I think it’s amazing and it’s the story of the summer for sure. Just the audacity to take 180-1 odds and put up $10K to win three bracelets when most people make bracelet bets in hopes of winning one… for him to go win and then come second, which is really deflating to be so close, and then jump into the next one and win that one, it’s remarkable,” said Daniel Negreanu reacting to the news of Mercier's dream run at the WSOP this year.

Considering his form, Mercier now looks good to capture his third bracelet, which means more players will have sleepless nights after having bet against it happening.

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If you intend to quickly take your game to the next level, mastering the art of value betting would be of great importance to you.

Simply put, the objective of value betting is to extract as much cash from your opponent as possible.

Hence when you want to bet on the river, there are some things you need to ask yourself. First you need to figure out the probability of getting raised by a player who is either bluffing or holding a better hand.

You also need to figure out how much money he/she is willing to call. The answer to that question is rather very complex. This greatly depends on how astutely you have been observing your opponent.

If the player has a feeling of coming out second best, he/she may not even call a bet that is worth half the pot. Also, if you bet big there is a chance of being called by players that probably have a bigger hand than you.

This should not force you into always making a small bet on the rive. Remember, betting wisely against the right opponent is bound to fetch you a good pot.

For instance, when you hit a straight or flush on the river and are faced with an aggressive opponent, what do you do? A big bet is likely to draw a call from him despite holding a weaker hand. At this juncture, he/she may feel that you don't have the winning hand and are trying to intimidate him out of contention. Hence you job is to bet in such a manner that it appears as though you are bluffing.

The idea is to know what your opponent is likely to chase and the worth of what your hold. Since this is bound to change from opponent to opponent. For instance when you are playing a tight players, betting less will is more likely to fetch you a call. A timid player feels he is behind when faced with a strong bet and does not participate in the action.

It is also a good tactic to sometime go in for a bigger bet. This usually surprises them. You might end up being the beneficiary of a good pot on most occasions. This is primarily because they feel you are bluffing and end up making the call.

In short, to bet the right amount one needs to focus on betting patterns of opponents of all times. This might be a bit tough when you start out, but eventually you will have to develop a habit of understanding when your opponents are likely to call or fold on the river.

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