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student wins online poker tournament

Imagine having €305,000 in your personal bank count while you are in the final year of completing a civil engineering degree. Yes, that’s right. Sounds unbelievable right?

Shaun Hegarty, a 26-year-old engineering student won $420,000 (€305,000) by participating in an online poker tournament on PokerStars.  He beat 26,000 players in a tournament that lasted close to 15 hours.

As per his own admission, this is Hegarty’s biggest win in an online tournament though he has come close to winning big tournaments before as well but never managed to go the whole hog.

A week before winning this tournament, he finished 11th in yet another big PokerStars tournament. So this clearly isn’t a one off. Surprisingly despite the unpredictable nature of online poker, Shaun claims to make enough profits that sustain his college expenses as well.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Shaun Hegarty said:

"You have to be easy going and very relaxed and you're constantly learning. You have to keep up with different trends because the game is always changing and a lot of research and work goes into keeping up."

Shaun is fourth year student at NUI Galway and has been honing is skills by playing online poker for over 6 years now. He also hopes to by some decent gifts for the Christmas week this year and then intends to complete his course in civil engineering.

*Image courtesy Irish Independent

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 22:54

Switch Poker Launches Switch Poker Network

switch poker network

Switch Poker, previously the online poker portal for mobile has now launched an online poker network. The difference between standard poker networks and Switch Poker Network is that it would not cost any money to build your own online poker room as a part of the network for real money play.

This is an automated process and you can have your own online poker room in less than a day, as a matter of fact, in a few hours on the poker network. The revenue share paid out by the network is between 30%-70%. The team that handles customer support is well equipped to answer all the queries any player might have. The staff is experienced and well trained and has a deep understanding of player and affiliate requirements.

Brand like Part Time Poker and Kings&Queens Poker have now seamlessly created poker skins on the Switch Poker Network. Operational since October 2010, Switch Poker had been designed for mobile platforms especially iPhone and iPad. They accept players from all over the world apart from USA, Turkey and France. The amazing thing about this software is despite being a mobile poker platform, it allows multi-tabling on four tables.

Note: Image coutresy Poker.Org

Rafael Nadal playing live poker

We knew Rafael Nadal was a champion on the tennis court and now he has proven his mettle on a poker table as well. Nadal won the Poker Stars European Tour Prague charity tournament. Usually playing online poker at PokerStars, Rafa played live poker for the first time and the cause was worth it. 

When Rafael Nadal spoke to the media after the win, he said the following:

“Well, it’s different, we are playing for a good cause and that always makes an event special. But obviously the pressure, in my case, is completely different between when I’m playing in a professional tennis tournament and what I’m playing today. For me, it’s a big honour to be playing with all these stars around me. I want to be competitive. It’s my first live poker tournament and that’s made me feel a little bit nervous."

The field Nadal competed against was full of legendary personalities like Daniel Negreanu as well as iconic Brazilian football player Ronaldo and Ukraine's Andriy Shevchenko. Ultimately, Nadal was left to fight for the winning prize against Fatima Moreira de Melo, Olympic gold medalist and hockey player of Holland.

For his heroics on the poker table, Rafa Nadal won EUR 100,000. This amount will be donated to the Good Hand charity that helps the youth find jobs. This initiative is backed by the poker community.

Now that's what he'd call "Game.Set.Match"!

Note: Image courtesy PokerStars blog.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 22:43

GTECH To Shut Down International Poker Network

online poker news


GTECH’s SPIELO G2, previously Boss Media, is now considering shutting down the International Poker Network (IPN) and focus on markets that are regulated by the second quarter of 2014. Poker Fuse has reported this development.

SPIELO G2 is currently operating five poker networks. Out of these five, four are under national regulatory framework. These include - Canadian Poker Network, Poker Club Italia, Spain Poker Network and Sweden’s Svenska Spel.

Some of the online poker rooms that would suffer due to the shutting down of the International Poker Network are Poker Heaven, PokerKings, Redbet and Virgin Poker Games. However, SPIELO G2 can accommodate Paf Diamond Poker functioning under the legislation of Finland by virtue of the Åland Islands license in their new approach.

Poker Fuse tried to reach representatives for a detailed comment but was not reverted back to. This is one development we will keep our attention on, as there could be formal announcement about this soon.

Note: Image courtesy Casino Enterprise Management

online poker news

The world of online gambling is raidly changing and news about new developments are never few and far between. In the latest news that has struck the online poker world is the decision of Unibet to withdraw from the Microgaming Poker Network. They will not join another network but continue their presence as a stand-alone online poker room.

Relax Gaming from Estonia will now develop the online poker software for the new stand alone product of Unibet. This news was communicated by Unibet's head of gaming, Mr. Daniel Eskola. Here is his exact statement.

“The environment in the online poker industry has changed over the years and we have come to the insight that being part of a poker network is not sustainable for Unibet in the long term. This project has given us the possibility to start from a blank piece of paper and define everything we believe is important for a fun poker experience. In a way, our goal is to bring the fun back to poker by creating software with a clear focus on the casual player. As part of its move Unibet agreed to invest €1.2 million in Relax Gaming in return for a stake in the business, however, it wasn’t disclosed how much of the company Unibet owns. Our relationship with Microgaming remains strong, and we are continuing to offer Quickfire games in our casino.”

It is no surprise that the dynamics of the online poekr industry are changing everyday. In such a cut throat industry, brands are expected to take decision to consolidate their customer base and derive maximum benefits from the arising opportunities. It remains to be seen whether this gamble by Unibet pays off or not.


Note: Image courtesy Check N Raise Poker

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 19:36

Singapore To Ban Online Poker?

online poker in singaporeSingapore is considered to be one of the biggest land-based casino markets in the world. With an approximate $6 billion in gambling revenues there is no denying that gambling enthusiasts love Singapore. But now, there are reports of the country not wanting to be open to online poker.

Singapore is aiming to invoke a ban on every form of online gambling as per the reports in “The Diplomat”.

An official from the government made a statement at the Symposium on Casino Regulations and Crime, which read as:

 “Remote gambling gives us cause for concern [because] is ubiquitously and easily accessible through the Internet and mobile applications, especially by a younger and more tech-savvy generation. The nature and design of the games, especially poker and casino-type games, lend themselves to repetitive play and addictive behavior. From a law and order perspective, remote gambling operations can potentially become a source or conduit of funds for other illegal activities and syndicated crime, These operators are beyond our jurisdiction and they operate without restrictions or limitations on the types of games they can offer or the promotions and advertising they undertake.”

A ban of this kind would also mean that existing online gambling websites accessed by residents of Singapore would be shut down as well. This also casts doubts about the future of domestic casino operators in Singapore.

However, the only silver lining for online gambling enthusiasts in Singapore may be the news that the state is considering strict regulatory measures for online gambling sites if they do get the green signal to continue.

If reports are to be believed, the online gambling industry in Singapore is worth a whopping $375 million annually. With such huge numbers, it is evident that Singapore is a massive gambling market and the state as well as gambling operators is aware of this fact.

Online Gambling in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian State Gambling Commission on Gambling had caused massive ripples in the online gambling world in October when they decided to ban a host of online poker sites in the country. The same government has previously made online poker legal in 2012.

This story has now taken another u-turn as the government intends to legalize online gambling in the country again. They plan to issue licenses and have just released a list of 3 certified gambling equipment as well as software - BMM Testlabs, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), and Bulgarian Institute Metrology.

So far among all the operators only Eurofootball from Malta has gained the license to provide online gambling in Bulgaria. Vasil Krumov Bozhkov, a billionaire from Bulgaria, however, owns this online sportsbook.

The government of Bulgaria is also said to have contemplating a reduction in taxation. The gaming tax on total turnover is about 15% right now. This move by the government is aimed at attracting more online gambling operators to Bulgaria.

Chairperson of the Budget and Finance Committee in Bulgaria said the following:

 "The present taxation regime on Internet gambling needs to be liberalized in a way that will attract foreign registered operators to register themselves in Bulgaria and pay their taxes here."

Bulgaria has always been a great market for online gambling. However the government policy has never been stable causing a lot of uncertainty to players. Hopefully this time the government will be firm in its actions. This would certainly pave the way for a profitable online gambling market in the country.

News source: Poker News

Image Source: Poker Update

New Jersey Online Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) brand has had its online version available in Nevada. Caesars Entertainment Corp owns the brand. However,now the WSOP brand is being tested by means of a train run in New Jersey. The players that are within the physical borders of the state of New Jersey can only access these online games.

There has been an announced made by the company of hosting an online championship series that will commence on January 19th of 2014. This online championship called the New Jersey Online Championships will commence with an Invitational Freeroll of $250,000.

As per the information available on the site of the WSOP, payers have to sign up for an account on WSOP by 9th of December 2013. After creating the account, players need to just download the WSOP software and get logged in. On signing up, the players will receive emails from WSOP to confirm whether they are eligible to participate in this massive freeroll. This email is expected to be received by players by 16th January 2014.

After the $250,000 freeroll, there are around seven real money buy-in tourneys scheduled. Post these real money buy-in tourneys; the site will host one final freeroll. The total prize money of all these events totals up to $1 million.

After that there will be seven events with real-money buy-ins. A final freeroll will be for those who entered into the previous events. Everything adds up to $1 million.

Here is the schedule of New Jersey Online Poker Championships (as published by

Jan. 19 — $250,000 Invitational Freeroll

Jan. 20 — $215NLH R&A $50,000 Guaranteed

Jan. 21 — $109 PLO R&A $25,000 Guaranteed

Jan. 22 — $215 NLH $30,000 Guaranteed

Jan. 23 — $109 NLH $25,000 Guaranteed

Jan. 24 — $215 NLH 6 Max $50,000 Guaranteed

Jan. 25 — $109 NLH $70,000 GuaranteedJan. 26 — $530 NLH $250,000 Guaranteed

Feb. 2 — $250,000 Player’s Freeroll

In the recently updated rankings for online poker tournaments for UK and Ireland rankings for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Chris Moorman finds himself at the top. Having won the Pocket Five Triple Crown for his 19th time, Chris Moorman comfortably stretched his lead over the compition.

Post winning the Triple Crown, Chris has 19 cash outs to his name, which comprises a 4th place finish in the Big $109 at PokerStars. This was an amount of   $8,512.

Rankings for Online Poker Tournaments for UK and Ireland






Chris “moorman1” Moorman



Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth



Charlie “chaz_man_chaz" Combes



Sebastian “Seba29072” Saffari



Rhys “floppinhel” Jones



Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis



Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer



Jareth “jareth3542” East



Tomas “luckymo32” Geleziunas



Jon “EMSBas” Spinks


The details of the above rankings table have been obtained from

Barring the interchange of rankings, all the top 10 players of this week are same as last week. The next week promises a lot of action on FTP and we could see a lot of changes in the current top 10 rankings. The coming week will be exciting for poker players and poker lovers in general with the FTOP's kicking off.