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There are number of different types of tournaments that you can play at Betsafe Poker. They offer everything from small sit and go’s, up to tournaments with a buy in of more than $1000 so there is something to suit everyone’s wallet. Every month they are guaranteeing minimum $15 Million in prize money to the tournaments, so what’s your excuse not to play?

Tournament Terminology

Multi-table tournaments:
A multi-table tournament is a tournament that starts at a set time. The tournament is played with up to 10 players per table. The tables are then merged with each other when players are knocked out until one final table remains. It is then played out until one player is left with all the chips. In a multi-table tournament normally the top 10% are win prize money and 30% of the total prize pool is given to the winner (please note that this is the standard format but there may be variations).

Sit and Go:
A sit and go is a tournament that starts when all the required seats are filled. Normally sit and go’s are played in a single table format however some sit and go’s are multi-table and then it works the same way as the multi-table tournaments.

Guaranteed Tournaments:
A guaranteed tournament is a tournament where Betsafe adds money to ensure that there is a minimum prize pool guarantee, no matter how many entrants the tournament gets. For example if it is a $1000 Guaranteed tournament with $10+1 buy and there are 84 entrants, you would normally just have $840 in prize money, but because it is $1000 guaranteed there will be a $1000 prize pool. If the buy in total is more than the guaranteed then prize pool will be more than the guaranteed amount. For example in the $1000 guaranteed tournament if you have 120 entrants then the prize pool will be $1200.

A freeroll is a tournament that is free to enter and where you can win real money. Sometimes there are requirements for these types of tournament. For example you have to have made deposit or earned a certain amount of Player Points to be able to enter.

A satellite is qualifying tournament to another online tournament or live tournament. There are usually two types of satellites, the first type guarantees a certain amount of seats to the next event. The second type gives away a certain amount of seats based the entrants. For example if it states in the tournament information that 1 out of 6 is guaranteed a seat into the next event, then there will be 10 seats to the next event if 60 players enter the event.

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